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Hurray! Summer is finally here – bring on the sunshine, pool parties, sunscreen…and crickets? Don’t worry, you’re not alone – the summertime can be a slow season for many actors. But this shouldn’t discourage you! This is a great time to get some training under your belt (and maybe with an iced coffee in hand). Here are 4 reasons actors should train during the slow summer months:

1) It’s a great time to play!

Having the opportunity to slow down and not be jam-packed with work/school/auditions allows you to get back to a sense of play with your craft. Take that improv class you’ve always wanted to sign up for! Register for the fun film camp that you think would help cultivate your writing ideas! This is a perfect time to slow down and allow your inner artist playtime.

2) Great opportunity to work with new people

Most acting studios offer summer camps and intensives that invite industry guests from all over the country. This is a perfect opportunity to connect and learn from new industry pros to that you may not regularly be exposed to. Whether it’s a Casting Director, Acting Coach, or Working Professional…most summer offerings offer rare face time with people who are normally busy throughout the year. This is also an awesome time to connect with other actors! Intensives and Camps bring in actors from all over…what a great time (especially post 2020) to connect with the acting community!

3) Perfect time to get in shape

Yes, most people worry about summer bodies (…uh but we don’t #bodypositivity) – we’re talking about getting into acting shape! I often refer to actors as Emotional Athletes – good actors are trying to be at an Olympic level of emotional intelligence and storytelling. The summertime offers you a great opportunity to train your butt off and be ready for the next big round of auditions coming in. Take that intensive that helps you with the business of acting and update your Actor’s Access, Demo Reel, resume, etc. Take that film camp to add as a credit to your resume and have new footage to add before your next big audition. Sign up for that movement workshop to get your emotional body in peak performance. Use this time to chisel those acting abs.

4)Best time to add something unique to your toolbox

I would say summertime is when most acting studios offer unique workshops and camps that you can’t normally take throughout the year. Whether it’s a Social Media Intensive, a Stage Combat Camp, or a Sitcom workshop…summertime camps + intensives offer unique training that you can add to your resume. Because again…this slow time should be about growing your inner artist. Nothing grows your art like learning something completely new!

And remember… it’s freakin summertime people!! SO HAVE FUN! Enjoy this slower season and be ready for that next big wave of opportunity